The complete toolkit for your files in the cloud.

The TidyCloud platform makes it simple to consolidate and clean up your files in the cloud, then empowers customers with industry-leading analytics and reporting.

Seemless integration with your existing drives

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All your files. All in one place

A Happy Home For Your Files
Get a single access point for all your files stored in the cloud and make hunting for files a thing of the past.
Multiple Accounts Per Provider
Connect all your accounts from each storage provider you use. TidyCloud supports multiple accounts per provider.
Secure as Standard
We take the responsibility of protecting your data seriously. TidyCloud use is 100% encrpyted.

Your files as you've never seen them before

Search All Your Things

Search for files in all your storage drives in a single search

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Clear Insights

Gain usable insights and understanding of usage within your storage drives

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Reporting and Notifications

Customizable reporting and realtime notifications for enhanced visibility and understanding of your storage drives.
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Find Duplicates

Save space and clutter by finding and dealing with duplicates in your drives

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Identify Security Risks

See files that pose a potential security risk whether thats a password file or a private key.

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Rediscover your files today

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